7. June 2023

The Organisation

The Largest Wine & Spirits Award Organisation

The European Spirits Challenge™ is held by the 16 year established the Peak Publishing organisation which operates the largest wine and spirits awards in the World – “the most influential beverage competition in the World” and “responsible for 1 billion bottles sold since 2006.”

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The Judges

Judged by Europe’s Most Powerful Spirits Buyers

The most powerful European Buyers Judge the European Spirits Challenge™, Europe’s Most Important Spirits Competition

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Who Enters The European Spirits Challenge™

  • Europe’s most successful Spirits Producers
  • Importers, Distributors and Retailers
  • Brand Owners
  • PR Agencies

Is the European Spirits Challenge™ open to producers around the World?
Yes, entries are accepted from all over the World. All products are judged by the most powerful buyers in Europe

How do the European Spirits Judges taste the samples?
Samples are strictly ‘Triple Blind Tasted’ (as developed by the Peak Publishing organisation)
European Spirits Challenge™ Judges are:
A. Not informed of the country of origin of each sample
B. Are not able to see the original bottle or labelling
C. Do not discuss their opinion with other European Spirits Challenge™ Judges
This ensures the European Spirits Challenge™ results give absolute accuracy to entrants, the industry and consumers

Is the European Spirits Challenge™ open to spirits not yet selling in Europe?
Yes, spirits beginning their journey are equally judged compared to spirits with long established sales track records in Europe

What countries are European Spirits Challenge™ Judges focused on?
European Spirits Judges are experienced in the mature markets of Europe including …

Why You Must ENTER The European Spirits Challenge NOW

  • European Spirits Challenge™ is Europe’s Most Important Spirits Competition
  • The most powerful European Buyers Judge at the European Spirits Challenge™
  • The European Spirits Challenge™, held by Peak Publishing organisation – “the most influential beverage competition organisation in the World” and “responsible for the sales of 1 billion bottles since 2006.”
  • Enter now to maximise your sales

The Benefits of Entering The European Spirits Challenge

  • European Spirits Challenge™ is Europe’s Most Important Spirits Competition
  • Judged by the most powerful European Buyers
  • The European Spirits Challenge™, held by Peak Publishing organisation – “the most influential beverage competition organisation in the World” and “responsible for the sales of 1 billion bottles since 2006.”
  • Judged by Europe’s Most Powerful Spirits Buyers
  • Entrants and Winners are showcased on www.europeanspiritschallenge.org
  • Your spirits compete alongside the most successful brands in the World
  • Winners of European Spirits Challenge™ receive the Winner’s Pack, which includes Official Digital Certificates, Medal Artwork, Press Release Suggestions and further recommendations to help spirits producers to make the most of their Medals and gain further success.

Craft Spirits Awards™ 2023
Judging Date: 9th November 2023


Early Bird Deadline:
12 June 2023
Location: London County Hall



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Recent Entrants European Spirits Challenge™

Recent Entries

BOAR Distillery
Silver Distillery
DMI Distillery & Manufactur Internationa
Germani Trieste
The Oro Distilling
Tiger Gin
Clark and Kealey Distilling
Destilaria Black Pig Alentejo
Intercontinental Brands
Bayside Distilling
Kakira Sugar
Artist in residence Distillerie
Stock Plzeň-Božkov
Uncle Nearest
Edgemill Group
Hathersage Botanicals
St. Kilian Distillers
Highclere Castle Spirits
Kinsale Spirits
Spirits Of The ALPS
Ceska Whisky
Franz Fies
Celosa Rosé Tequila’s
Le Portier
The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.
Antiche Distillerie Riunite
Mobius Distilling Co
DMC Liquors & Spirits
Wildwood Spirits Co
L'Original by Stef Sàrl
Turku Distillery
Tornion Panimo Oy
Det Norske Brenneri As
Mey Icki Sanayi ve Ticaret
Tobago Gold Europe
Biggar & Leith
One Eyed Spirits
The Favignana Flavor Company
Seven Seals Innovation AG
Aura Proizvodi d. o. o.
Made by Ley
Reserva De Icaza
Sugarloaf Beverages
Sykkel Craft
Boomsma Distillery
Camastra liqueurs & spirits
La Compagnia degli Speziali
BOAR Distillery
Besos Margarita
Herman Jansen Beverages
Laneway Distillers
JJ Manöverschluck
The Distilling Doctors
Andreas Dick
Amazzoni Gin
Lanique Spirit of Rose
Hutmachers Maritime Spirituosen
DMI Distillery & Manufactur International
Syrjän Tinktuura Oy
AB No.1 Production
Kongsgaard Spirits
DMC Liquors & Spirits
Cloudbreak Spirits
The Still
Herborn und Herborn
Shorty's Gins
Pure Distilled Spirits
The Little Quaker
Erste Maennerhobby
Saddleworth Spirit Merchants
Destilaria Levira
Andreas Dick
St. Kilian Distillers
Takahashi Shuzo
Luzhou Laojiao
Berentsens Distillery
Weingut Waalem
Hacienda de Chihuahua
Fior Handels
Black Pig Alentejo
Tomas Artesanal
Boomsma Distillery
Bruges Whisky
Mey İçki Sanayi ve Ticaret
Spirit of Harrogate
Yoshino Spirits
Kinsale Spirit
Tiger Gin
C88 Holdings
Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey
Sir Edmond
Angus Dundee
Ceska Whisky
Monks Distillery
AF Drinks
Lemon Brothers Sàrl
Edgemill Group
Bloody Harry Sales Europe
The Melchers Group
Nero Drinks
Stock Plzeň-Božkov
Tokaj Spirit
Cambridge Distillery
Crammond & Sons
Torino Ditstillati
No 1 Production
Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey
DMC Limoncello
Brüderlein Gin
Gabriel Grote
Nannoni Grappe
Tiger Gin
Rossi d'Asiago
Mark van Wijngen
Nachlass Warlich
Seven Seals
Bonaventura Maschio
House Of Orloff by Merlet&Fils
Maurice Richard
Eifelbrennerei Zender für Andreas Dick
Destilaria Black Pig Alentejo
Fordington Gin
Licor De Cafe
Distillerie Studer
Kinsale Spirit
Wanner René
O'live BV
Cape Town Gin & Spirits Company
Antonio Nadal Destil.Leries
Highclere Castle Spirits
Catz Distillers
Hirschberg Gin
Sash & Fritz
Gerhard Riedler
Klocktornet Destilleri
Intercontinental Brands
Banks and Solander
Downton Distillery
Berentsens Distillery
Sauerland Distillers
LVP Fortuna
Maennerhobby Brennerei
Yoshino Spirits
QVT Distillerie
Bloody Harry
BOAR Distillery
... and many more

European Spirits Challenge™

Europe’s Most Important Spirits Competition
Held in London County Hall, besides the London Eye.

Peak Publishing Limited
17D, 7/F., Tak Wing Industrial Building
3 Tsuen Wen Road
Tuen Mun
N.T. Hong Kong

E-mail: support@europeanspiritschallenge.org
Tel: +44 20 80892132